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Online Programming

Use our online graphical programming tools. Easy to jumpstart your first Tuah programming.

Android Apps

Controlling Tuahbot Remotely by download our TuahBot Apps on the Android PlayStore.

Arduino & mBlock Libraries

Download our libraries that can be used with MakeBlock & Arduino apps.

Schematic & 3D Design

Download our schematic reference and sample STL Files design for TuahBot.


Tutorial : Installation TinkerCode

Tutorial 1: Light Up LED

Tutorial 2: LED Blink

Tutorial 3: Running Light and Mega Blink

Tutorial 4: Movement Tank Block

Tutorial 5: Movement Steer Block

Tutorial 6: Line Sensor

Tutorial 7: Calibration and Line Tracer

Tutorial 8: Line Tracer with Delay

Tutorial 9: Light Sensor

Tutorial 10: Ultrasonic Sensor

Tutorial 11: Till Junction