Tuah Robot V1.0

Tuah Robot V1.0


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Tuah is a basic Arduino robot that can perform various task such as.

  • Line Following
  • Light Detection
  • Infrared Sensor Detection
  • Ultrasonic Range Detection
  • Wall Following
  • Bluetooth Remote
  • Voice Command via Android Apps

The Tuah Maker kit contains simple component with easy to use instruction.

A Mobile Apps is also available in Play Store to control the robot using bluetooth and voice command

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TuahBot Feature

Tuahbot Maker Set

Tuahbot Kit Include:

1 x RoboTuah Electronic Kit Set 3 x IR Sensor Module
1 x Arduino Nano 1 x LDR Sensor Module
1 x USB Cable Micro 1 x Sound Sensor Module
2 x Rechargeable 18650 Battery with Charger 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Module
1 x 18650 Battery Holder 40 x Jumper Wire Male to Female
2 x Motor DC 2 x 10mm Screw with Nut
2 x Motor Bracket 2 x PCB Stand 40mm with screw
2 x Wheel 6 x PCB Stand 10mm with screw
1 x RGB LED Module 1 x Screwdriver
1 x Buzzer Module 1 x Maker Box